Getinet “Dundee” Teferi returns to Central Montana

Charlie Denison

Getinet “Dundee” Teferi returned to Lewistown earlier this month to share the gospel and share the mission of Strong Hearts Ethiopia.

Photo  courtesy of Getinet Teferi


Getinet “Dundee” Teferi of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia returned to Lewistown this month, speaking at First Christian Church, where he shared the mission of his non-profit, Strong Hearts International.

“I came with a purpose of preaching the word of God and to present an update of what Strong Hearts International is doing in Ethiopia,” he said. “I also came to promote the different partnership opportunities.”

Teferi was pleased to announce Strong Hearts – which providing hospice care, medication, nutrition, psychological care, financial support and more to impoverished Ethiopians – continues to increase its partnerships internationally.

Through these additional partnerships and through increased funding, Teferi said Strong Hearts has been able to plant more than 43 churches in Ethiopia.

Working with these churches, Teferi said Strong Hearts care for those who need care the most, assisting patients dying of HIV/AIDS, cancer or tuberculosis, among others.

Strong Hearts also offers nursery care and schooling for newborns up to grade five.

“We currently have 300 children enrolled,” Teferi said. “Also, our day care has served almost 170 children that are either orphans or from at-risk mothers.”

Education goes beyond the children, too, as Strong Hearts provides cosmetology and clothing design trainings for single mothers and at-risk women.

“When I say at-risk women that mainly consists of women who have fallen pretty to prostitution and trafficking,” Teferi said. “This also includes single mothers begging on the roadside. If these women want to change their lives we accept them into our programs and get them the training they need to create their own business.”

Women who graduate from the trainings are rewarded with micro-finance grants through a micro-finance project, Teferi added.

Teferi, who has come to Lewistown about once a year since 2012, said he’s enjoyed becoming a part of the community and has appreciated the support from First Christian as well as other members of Central Montana’s faith community.

“I love the small town of Lewistown and its people,” he said.

If anyone is interested in partnering with Strong Hearts, Teferi recommends they contact him at or by visiting the website, Those interested in donating to the cause can contribute to the campaign here




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