Gianforte understands people live here

Dear Editor,
What a ray of sunshine to have a candidate for governor of Montana that takes the time to attend many of the functions that are going on in northeast Montana.
To name a few since Greg Gianforte has filed for governor: Busted Knuckle open house, Governors Cup Walleye Tournament, Wild Horse Stampede, and several different “Regulation Roundup” events.
Before Greg filed for governor he was all over the eastern part of the state working on new jobs creation. Let me say that again: job creation. He’s a leader in the creation of jobs that in turn ensures that we have a healthy economy. He’s trying to create jobs, not shut them down like the current trend that is going on in the state at this time. Some believe that Montana is just the playground for tourists, but Gianforte actually understands that people live here and we should do as much possible to create a work and business friendly environment for Montanans.
The greatest thing about Gianforte is that you can just go ask him if you have a question about something, unlike the current administration that ignores us.
I have to admit I’m very proud of eastern Montana, and I’m thankful that someone running for Governor takes the time to see what we are all about on the eastside, as well as western Montana. Sure would have been nice if Gianforte would have been here to help us weather the last oil boom.
David L Pippin
former Valley County Commissioner, Glasgow



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