Government is mismanaging our forests

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

I remember reading in the paper last year about this time that Crystal Lake campground would be closed that season due to diseased trees causing a hazard, but would be open next year. Last Wednesday I read a reprint of the same article, different date.

If the people in charge of mismanaging our forests were working in the private sector, they would be fired. Everybody beyond kindergarten knows trees, people, dogs, and just about anything, die of old age, or a disease of some kind. The environmental wackos are in charge of the forests, I guess. Let’s just let this go until, heaven forbid, we have a fire in the Snowy Mountains. You will be able to go look at the black sticks like we still see in Yellowstone Park from 1988.

I have seen in many places where private land owners have had good loggers come in to harvest the logs, sell them for money, clean up the property and have much better grass for their stock and, oh, yes, feed wildlife we hunters love.

How much money could we save if we didn’t buy the government employees those nice new pickups, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles, etc., to drive, and just let them sit in their office and play solitaire? Let’s just turn the forests over to farmers and ranchers to manage and help them to make a living.

I guess the billionaires from overseas and our east and west coasts want all of us Montanans to just pack up and leave Montana to the fires, wolves and buffalo.

One old, tired Montanan --Ted F. Murray




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