Guest Opinion - The ‘thrill’ of Central Montana being home to a pot dispensary




Central Montana should be proud of its economic development as corporate America brings a marijuana dispensary to our peaceful rural community.  No more low quality pot being grown in someone’s backyard.  Now Central Montana pot consumers won’t have to drive to Great Falls or Billings to get the “good stuff” which will also eliminate the danger of more “drivers under the influence” endangering innocent motorists.

Of course we all accept the fact that this marijuana is strictly for “medical purposes” and the old folks and those able to get on disability will now have good quality marijuana readily available to take care of their various ailments. 

It is always amazing what issues will bring out the political activists, but at least the Central Montana Democrats now have a political cause they can rally behind.  It appears that it only took a reported 30 people descending on the Fergus County Commissioners to swing them into allowing this entry level drug to establish a corporate outlet in Fergus County regardless of the concerns of the law enforcement community that this will simply add another problem for them to deal with.

Up until the Democrat Party adopted marijuana as their cause to activate a voting bloc, the main issue (beyond increasing Government spending) of the Democrat legislators during my years in the Legislature was their crusade to ban tobacco from all public buildings as well as private businesses in Montana.  They even attempted to ban smoking in private homes and personal automobiles—children’s health, you understand! 

For some reason, I find a contradiction that smoking tobacco is bad for your health, but smoking pot is healthy.

The other issue is kids’ use of pot—the advocates insist that it is less harmful than alcohol.  Then again it is probably not any worse than the use of Ritalin (which is in the same drug family as meth) to keep over-active kids in their seat at school.  It also gives school kids an option when they don’t want to eat the school lunches provided by the taxpayers and would rather spend their own lunch money on marijuana brownies than to get fat on milk shakes and big macs. This will help the kids get through their afternoon classes and the drug dealers can concentrate on peddling the “hard drugs.”

I guess we should be thrilled that a pot dispensing chain store coming to Lewistown will certainly add to our “quality of life” as hundreds of thousands of dollars leave our Central Montana economy and increasing numbers of workers won’t be able to pass drug tests for employment, forcing them to raise their families in the welfare system.


Sen. Ed Butcher (Ret) is a Central Montana rancher/businessman and former college history professor who served for 10 years in the Montana House and Senate.



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