Gun owners in a position to affect change

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Dear Editor, After each mass shooting I’m forced to reflect upon some 40-plus years of firearm ownership. Each time I do so, I come to the same inescapable conclusions. First, the rights granted each and every American by the second amendment do not supersede or trump those of the victims. Second, I must accept that a ban on semi-automatic firearms, high capacity clips and bump stocks will not entirely prevent the tragic loss of life, nor will legislation of this type adequately address gun violence in our society. Despite these uncomfortable truths we as gun owners are in a position to affect change and in doing so stand in support of victims of gun violence; all it requires of us is that we ask ourselves one simple question: Are we willing to give up our access to military grade firearms on the chance that it will save one human life? In my case, I must answer in the affirmative. George Foster Lewistown



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