Having been here, there and everywhere, Moses Kitts calls Judith Gap home

News-Argus Staff

Moses enjoys a fun time camping with his siblings.

Moses Kitts of Judith Gap has lived quite an eclectic and international life for his 15 years. Having traveled to Iceland, Southeast Asia and Europe, this potential aspiring chemist has seen more of the world than most people three times his age.
While his parents’ careers in social work have taken his two sisters and four brothers all over this third rock from the sun, Moses is happy to call their small Judith Gap farm home. The family raises goats and I bet they have several delicious recipes from their visit to North Africa four years ago.
“I would love to go back to Morocco,” said Moses. “We went there so my Dad could learn Arabic. I would like to go back now that I’m older.”
Moses is full of surprises: His favorite subject in school is chemistry, taught by Mr. Smith. “I like his interactive style,” Moses said. His preferred music is punk rock. Moses has been playing drums for eight years, and although not yet in a band, Moses would welcome the opportunity.
“That would be cool,” he said.
An avid snowboarder – Moses spent every Wednesday at Showdown when homeschooled last winter – he’s recently added BMX biking to his repertoire.
“I’m thinking of creating a track at home,” he said when asked about if he’s considered competing.
Moses Kitts is a well-traveled young man for whom variety truly does seem to be the “spice of life.” Like the verse that formed the title inspiration of his favorite book, “The Grapes of Wrath” by author John Steinbeck, Moses’ truth really is marching on.


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