Havre Invitational

On Saturday, April 8, the Golden Eagle tennis teams traveled to Havre to compete in the Blue Pony Invitational. In singles’ play, both the number ones for the Fergus boys’ and girls’ team tied for third place. The entire third-place matches could not be completed due to darkness.
Following are the results of the Fergus matches at Havre.

Girls. . .
No. 1 singles: Taylor Woods lost to Kiah Hoehnstein (Belgrade), 4-6; defeated Courtney Moran (Cut Bank), 6-2; defeated Lissy Southworth (Fergus), 6-5 (9-7); tied with Hallie Maisch, Belgrade, 4-4.
No. 2 singles: Lissy Southworth lost to Megan Barrett (Cut Bank), 2-6; defeated Alyssa Bartsch (Conrad), 6-2; lost to Taylor Woods (Fergus), 5-6 (7-9).
No. 3 singles: Tessa Gatz defeated Tiffany Ralph (Havre), 6-4; defeated Kadyn Acor (Havre), 6-3; defeated Brin Nault (Havre), 6-3; defeated Kyndall Keller (Havre), 6-0; defeated Carsyn Vogl (Havre), 6-1.
No. 4 singles: Dalice Church lost to Angela Rhines (Havre), 3-6); lost to Cassidy Acor (Havre), 3-6; defeated Carsyn Vogel (Havre), 6-0; lost to Bryn Nault (Havre), 0-6.
No. 1 doubles: Abby Gatz/Alexia Arndt lost to Brooke Gilbertson/Lilly Reddick (Belgrade), 6-5 (12-10); defeated Lily Overstreet/Shannia Schmidt (Cut Bank), 6-2); lost to Alex Donaldson/Katie Donaldson (Havre), 4-6.
No. 2 doubles: Summer Elmore/Audra Fry defeated Dean Gobert/Riley Bird (Cut Bank), 6-3; lost to Dalayne VanDyke/Dania Jones (Conrad), 1-6; lost to Macee Barry/Madi Seifert (Cut Bank), 3-6;
No. 3 doubles: Sydney Kelsey/Nicole Woolett lost to Carley Ries/Hayle Ries (Conrad), 0-6; lost to Macee Barry/Madi Seifert (Cut Bank), 3-6.

Boys. . .
No. 1 singles: Danyon Rice defeated Jonothan Notebloom (Hardin), 6-3; lost to Jeff Fournier (Belgrade), 3-6; tied with Thomas O’Leary (Belgrade), 3-3.
No 2 singles: Jayce Philipps lost to Michael Nesser (Hardin), 1-6; defeated Jase Stokes (Havre), 6-4; lost to Jonothan Notebloom (Hardin), 2-6.
No. 3 singles: Westten Church defeated Jack Johnsrud (Havre), 6-0; defeated Reese Bulkley (Havre), 6-2; defeated Miguel Lopez (Hardin), 6-1; defeated Tyrel Kjersm (Havre), 6-1; defeated Jake Houston (Havre), 5-5 (7-5).
No. 4 singles: Greg Fulbright defeated Joey Bender (Havre), 6-1; defeated Jack Johnssrud (Havre), 6-1; defeated Reese Buckley (Havre); 6-5 (8-6); lost to Connor McCauley (Havre), 1-6.
No. 1 doubles:  Tanner Mannin/Nate Kindzerski defeated Taylor Lundberg/Matthew Bush (Hardin), 6-2; lost to Trey Murphy/Kennedy McKay (Havre), 3-6; lost to Trey Layman/Aidan Hamilton (Belgrade), 2-6.
No. 2 doubles:  Jacob Miller/Logan McQuinn lost to Austin Padilla/Clint Judisch (Conrad), 2-6; lost to Caleb Koltz/Tate Olsen (Belgrade), 2-6.
No. 3 doubles: Ben Kolar/Dawson Southworth lost to Charles Story/Gabe Passes (Hardin), 1-6; lost to Dylan Bell/Javan Chisholm (Belgrade), 3-6. 



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