At the Head of the Class

Denton School releases honor roll


The following students at Denton School in Denton, Montana made the first semester honor roll:

(* indicates 4.0)


High School Honors

Seniors: Jacob Ayers, Sean Bronec, Austin Hartman, Lane Hathaway, Jason McKinney, Tyrell Morris, Cheyenne Phair and Jaeger Schafer.

Juniors: Kordell Carpenter, Riley Donaldson, Julia Grubb*, Skyler Miller, Halen Peterson*, and Jacob Squires.

Sophomores: Kyle Lee and Kalen Weinheimer.

Freshmen: Jessica Ayers, Kein Carpenter, Keonna Cunningham, Parker Donaldson* and Morgan Ward.


Junior High School Honors

The Denton Junior High Honor Roll includes seventh-graders Birtu Econom and Noah Squires.



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