At the Head of the Class

Judith Gap School releases honor roll


Changes and additions to the previously published Judith Gap School honor roll.

The following students at Judith Gap School in Judith Gap, Montana made the first semester honor roll:


High Honors

Tayt Hansen; Moses Kitts; Savannah Marie Truesdale; and Jacklynn Barber.



Reilly Allik; Dalton Lanning; Sierra Stahl; Theresa Baird; Walker Lee; and Dylon Moore.


Hobson School releases honor roll


This is an addition to the honor roll in Wednesday’s Nov. 8 News-Argus


The following students at Hobson School in Hobson, Montana made the first quarter honor roll:


High School Honors (9-12)

3.25-3.66 – Jaci Wichman and Kaitlyn Anderson.



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