Head Start Menu

Central Montana Head Start Menu April 24-27


Central Montana Head Start menu is as follows:

B=breakfast, S=snack, L=lunch. All meals are served with 1 percent milk.

Monday – B. Cheerios cereal, bananas, milk; L. Mac and cheese with ham, beets, tropical fruit, milk; S. Hardboiled egg, oranges, water.

Tuesday – B. Cinnamon rasin bread, applesauce, milk; L. Taco salad with corn chips, grapes, milk; S. Whole grain goldfish, 100 percent juice.

Wednesday – B. English muffin, peaches, milk; L. Grilled cheese, tomato soup, oranges, milk; S. Low salt pretzels, broccoli, water.

Thursday – Cheese quesadillas, fruit cocktail, milk; L. Chicken and rice, broccoli, seasonal melon, milk; S. Peanut butter, whole-wheat crackers, 100 percent juice.


CMHS participates in the Child and Adult Food Care Program with the State of Montana.




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