Heart of Montana Angus Tour coming to Lewistown

Jenny Gessaman
A logo comprised of a heart and cattle silhouette framed in a Montana outline.

Graphic courtesy of Central Montana Angus Association

The end of September will bring the start of the Heart of Montana Angus Tour to Lewistown. Hosted by the Central Montana Angus Association, the event will feature a bus tour of local Angus ranches, and draw people from across the state and nation.

Corry Arntzen, secretary and treasurer of the Central Montana Cattle Association, expects some visitors from across the border, too.

“Most of the folks that are attending this state tour are involved in the cattle industry in some fashion,” she said. “ We will hopefully have 250-300 attendees.”

Arntzen estimated about half would be from out of state or Canada.

So, if event participants are already familiar with Angus cattle, what does the tour offer?

“It’s an opportunity for them to see different genetics from cattle in our area, as well as an opportunity to see different types of operations in an area that may be different from where they’re producing,” she said.

The Heart of Montana Angus Tour will also host the Montana Angus Banquet, a closing to the state association’s annual business meeting. Attendees will get more than prime rib: Arntzen said the Montana Angus Association will present their year at a glance, as well as updates from the association’s board.

In addition to the cattle-focused activities, participants can expect some relaxation. The tour features a golf tournament and quilting workshop before its official opening. Although, to be fair, the quilting kind of centers around Angus cattle, too.

“In conjunction with the new business in town, Lewistown’s Sew Pieceful, they are hosting a new workshop where they’ll use cattle markers to color on fabric,” Arntzen said.

For more information on the Heart of Montana Angus Tour, check out the event registration form at http://www.mtangus.org/documents/pdf/2016/2016-Tour-Form.pdf 



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