For Hobson’s Alyssa Thomas, it’s all about the climb

Christina Clinton
News-Argus Staff Writer

Alyssa’s volleyball team wins Divisionals in Lewistown, guaranteeing them to go into the state tournament as No. 1 seed.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Thomas


Now June, 2017 is a few weeks from its midpoint, but Hobson resident Alyssa Thomas already marked an experience that stood out for her – making it to state volleyball. The teen intends to apply what she learned to next year. “Making it to state volleyball showed teamwork and how to bring a team closer,” she said.

Volleyball isn’t the only thing important to this 17-year-old. She is aware that she’s a future voting voice of America, and takes this responsibility seriously, even going so far as to enter an essay-writing contest sponsored by Fergus Electric. Alyssa says the prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., and the question the entrants had to answer was: Why do you think you should be chosen to represent Montana and Fergus Electric [in Washington, D.C.]?

One of the contest winners, Alyssa said, “I go with a group of kids that I never met before. There are different groups from Montana through co-ops, and [we] team up with North Dakota and tour with whatever they have planned. I leave June 10; it goes until the 16th.”

Travel is clearly in her immediate future, and seems to remain a large part of her summer plans.

“No vacations [are] planned,” said Alyssa, “but we’ll go visit my Gramma on the other side of Montana, eastern Montana, in Terry.”

Also on her to-do list this school-break season, “just get as much out of summer as I can,” Alyssa said. “Hang out with my friends, visit family, work.”

Hot weather doesn’t faze this young lady. In fact, if Alyssa could be a foreign exchange student next year, she said with a laugh, “I would go somewhere warm.”

Alyssa then narrowed it down, adding, “Barcelona, Spain. I’ve seen pictures and it looks cool.”

While it’s still early in Alyssa’s scholastic career to determine post-high school plans and career goals, she’s already scoped out what she wants to do.

“I’ll probably go out-of-state to either California, Arizona or Florida to study Health and Human Performance to become a personal trainer someday,” said Alyssa. “I’d like to train with athletes, either high school or professionals. My brother and I,” she added, “went to a personal trainer in Great Falls last year and that really sparked my interest. He’s [the trainer] at Benefis and the experience was really cool.”

“I get it from my Mom the most,” Alyssa continued, “because she’s always worked out and is healthy and it rubbed off on me. We work out all the time together.”

Speaking of “someday,” if Alyssa could influence the masses, her personal experiences help form her stance.

“My message would be to not let the little things in life affect you. [And to help] charities to do with cancer. My Grampa passed away [because of] cancer when I was 12.”

When it comes to cinema and music, Alyssa says she relates to the movie “Racing Stripes” because, she said with a laugh, “It’s the only one I can think of [that applies right now].”

Choosing her theme song, however, is both easier, “I like a lot of music,” Alyssa said, and harder, for the same reason. Yet Alyssa – not one to back down from a challenge – chose “The Climb” by singer Miley Cyrus, and a look at its lyrics tells why: Alyssa Thomas keeps faith, keeps moving, and keeps climbing, and there’s no doubt she’ll make it to the top.


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