Hobson’s Brooke Granot is all high school, no singing

News-Argus Staff

Brooke Granot poses with a friend at the prom dance last year.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Granot





With school back in session, Brooke Granot set her game plan.

“My goals for this year,” said the Hobson School junior, “are to really focus on trying to do better in school and keep my grades up, better myself in sports, and be a helping person to everyone, especially the younger students.”

It seems the 17-year-old is already meeting the standards she set for herself; Hobson School just released its honor roll for the first quarter, and Brooke is on it. As students generally know, having a good GPA opens opportunity doors, and if one such door opened for Brooke to go to the Mediterranean, she wouldn’t turn it down.

“If I had the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student, I would probably go to Greece, in that area, because of the architecture there, and I learned about [the culture] and find it interesting,” she said.

With travel in mind, Brooke is also open to travel within the United States, and has her eye on the southern east coast.

“I would go to Florida, because I’ve never been down there and we have a lot of family there,” Brooke said. “My Mom is always talking about it; she loves it there. There’s a lot of animals [to see], and I would love it. And Disney.”

Brooke’s even heard of the native Seminole alligator events (such as the Alligator Warrior Festival) – during which men wrestle the large reptiles in a clash of wit and strength.

“I would go to an alligator event,” she said.

With the holidays coming up, who knows, there’s a chance her family will receive the gift of visiting Florida family this year. Out of the many holy days celebrated in winter, Brooke does have a particular preference.

“Christmas is probably one of my favorite holidays to celebrate,” said the teen, “because you get to see family and sometimes travel. [You] see people you don’t see every day, and of course, presents and eating all kinds of food. And it’s fun. We have several little Christmases; we go to Lavina sometimes, or Helena with my Dad.”

The end of a year often brings reflection, and as 2017 comes to a close, Brooke recalled one of the activities she enjoyed.

“I managed the high school boys’ football team this year,” Brooke said. “It’s pretty exhausting. I do a lot of laundry and towels, make sure they have tape and water, and make sure they’re ready and equipped for practice. I went to every single game from Lonepeak to Moore. I like football; my brother is a freshman this year and is on the team.”

Football teams and their managers are often in the public eye. And many of them have a stance or message for their fans. Brooke is no exception.

“I would tell people to try to always keep on track where you’re trying to go,” she said. “Stay focused and be willing to let someone help you; let people in.”

Brooke tries to live her own advice, especially with her scholastic endeavors.

“If my life was its own movie,” Brooke mused, “it would probably be something like ‘High School Musical’ without the singing. The kids are always based at school and the school is constantly present; up and about in the movie. I’m always doing stuff with the school, like fundraisers, etc. I’m always at the school or doing stuff with the school.”

Clearly for Brooke Granot, Hobson School rocks like no other.


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