Hobson’s Chloe Derks gets her goals in formation

Christina Clinton
News-Argus Staff

Chloe Derks (right) awaits a ball from the other side of the net during play at the Fergus junior varsity tournament held earlier this season. 

Photo by Doreen Heintz



The school year at Hobson School barely begun, 16-year-old junior Chloe Derks already has her head both on her game plan and in the game. A multi-sports athlete – Chloe participates in volleyball, basketball and track – she understands the benefits of strategy and applies it with a positive attitude to her current goals.

“My goals for school are to stay on the honor roll and keep my grades up,” Chloe said. “For sports,” she added, “my goals are to make it to State. I play volleyball (State competition is in November), basketball (spring) and track (in May).”

While Chloe enjoys all three, she is particular to one.

“Basketball is my favorite,” she said.

While she travels with family and with her teams when the opportunities arise, if Chloe was able to be a foreign exchange student for a school year, she’d like to jump across the pond.

“I would probably go somewhere in Europe,” Chloe said, “I think their culture is so cool, and it would be awesome to experience all of that. Italy or Greece would be pretty cool.”

With stores already setting up Halloween displays, it’s a reminder that the holiday season is upon Central Montana, and Chloe looks forward to it. Her favorite upcoming holiday is Christmas.

“It’s when all my family gets together,” she said. “We have so much fun and it’s great to be able to see everyone and spend time [together].”

With 2018 right around the corner, Chloe said going to State in volleyball would be the standout experience for this year.

“When you accomplish your goals, as we did by going to State last, then it’s like, ‘Oh, yay, we made it!’” Chloe said with a laugh. 

“I hope to get there and actually compete and win the State title,” she added.

Another goal recently accomplished is fundraising with her BPA chapter. “Our BPA Chapter did a fundraiser,” Chloe said, “the hay bale maze, and sold some bake sale stuff. It was fun.”

Chloe encourages positive thinking to achieve one’s goals, and said it’s why she enjoyed the movie “Finding Dory.”

“Dory doesn’t give up,” she said, “and she keeps a positive attitude under impossible odds.”

Similar strengths are in two of Chloe’s favorite music artists, Beyoncé and Rihanna. “[They’re] really strong female figures,” Chloe said. “[They] take control of their lives and are good persons for younger girls to look up to.”

Chloe also has a mantra for younger girls as well as girls her own age.

“Never give up on your dreams. Keep chasing them, work hard,” she said. “If you set your mind to it, you can do it. Keep a positive attitude.”

With the United States remembering the 16th anniversary of Sept. 11 on this day, Chloe holds hope for her country and the future, and offers the following.

“Better communication and more listening instead of always speaking,” she said. “Listen to others and listen to how it sounds in your head before opening your lips.”


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