Hobson’s Travis Brown is making Montana home

Christina Clinton
News-Argus Staff

Hobson senior Travis Brown hones his skills at the Construction Academy Tuesday morning.
Photo by Deb Hill

Relatively new to Montana by way of Michigan, Travis Brown has made Hobson his home since his junior year at Hobson High. Now a senior, Travis spends his time outdoors, playing football, racing dirt bikes, and this year, adding track to his sports repertoire. Originally from the Lansing area of Michigan, Travis and his younger brother came out to Montana with their mom, returning to Michigan each summer to race dirt bikes and work at his dad’s auto body shop.
“I compete,” Travis said about racing, “but I’m not a professional. I do race around a lot in Michigan with my friends.”
Travis, as he’s still learning what Hobson and Central Montana have to offer by way of dirt bike racing, says he hasn’t ridden as much here, but likely that will change.
“I might compete here (in Montana),” he said, “but I haven’t had the chance to really explore what options are available yet. It’d be fun.”
It sounds as though Travis will get that chance, as he plans to stay in Montana after high school graduation next spring and go to college for welding.
“I’d like to go for welding right away. I’ll probably go to a tech school in Montana. I haven’t really thought about which school, because I’d only thought about college in Michigan. But I’d like to go to school here. I can see myself being a welder after college, and then maybe moving on to something different,” Travis said.
At 17, and not turning 18 until next spring, Travis hasn’t had to place a lot of thought into the upcoming presidential election, but he has placed a lot of thought in the act of voting itself, saying if he could vote this year, he would.
“Yeah, I would vote. Because I feel like it’s important and I feel that everyone who’s old enough and allowed to (vote) should. It’s kind of how I was brought up,” he said.
Between racing and his summer travels, it’s no wonder that when asked if he could have a “mutant power” (like the “X-Men”), Travis replied, “I’m assuming it’d be pretty cool to fly.”
With his life goals in mind and a firm grasp of reality in hand, it certainly doesn’t feel Travis Brown’s future is up in the air.


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