Hobson Utica News

Irene Welch

Hobson Town Council members held an unofficial meeting, since there were not enough Council members present for a quorum, on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at City Hall, at 7 p.m. Mayor Loren Drivdahl presided. Council members present were Ron Peevey, Mike Woods and Bill Spratt. Absent were Paulette Mostloz, and Larry Denton. Also present was Engineer Garth French. Mike Woods gave an update on the lagoon progress. He has been putting the Bio Lynceus solution in the sewer system to clean it out. He also brought proof pictures of the proposed Philbrook townsite sign. It was checked for mistakes, and will be proofed and sent back to the sign makers. Whether the sign will be black and white or colored is still undecided. The pool needs a new sand filter and the boiler needs to be cleaned yet, before spring opening day can be set. Burning the burn pile will be planned after we get more snow again. Mark Howard sent a letter for payment of work he has done for the City. Documentation of hours is necessary for this. Advertisement for the planning grant ads was discussed with Garth French. He will work on this. The Philbrook Cemetery gravesites need to be organized and updated on a new map. This subject will be discussed at next month’s meeting. Jeremy Milburn, Traci Mikkelsen and Ted Campbell will be invited to attend. A new sketch of the cemetery is needed. The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.



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