Hobson-Utica News

Dan Thomas, Hobson School Board chairman reported on possible consolidation of Hobson and Moore Schools.     Photo courtesy of Irene Welch

Judith River Senior Center seniors were pleased to have guests Dan Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Clay Dunlap join them for lunch on Monday, Jan. 16. The meal was beef stroganoff.

Dan has been board chairman for 20 years at Hobson School. He wanted to give everyone information about the possible need to consolidate Hobson and Moore schools. Hobson School averages six kids per class, and needs more kids. They would like to optimize the size to an average of 15 kids per class. One school could become a middle and high school, and the other could be an elementary school.

On Jan. 25 there was a joint board meeting between Hobson and Moore to discuss this co-op consolidation and a joint board. Attorney Chris Goss was asked to attend with his legal knowledge. The Hobson Tigers and the Moore Bulldogs are already the Titans. The timeline for this would be the school year 2018. If anyone would like to ask questions on this subject, you can call Dan Thomas at 423-5237, or his office at 423-5257.

The new Hobson school superintendent, Clay Dunlap, and his wife, Marie, were introduced to everyone. The Dunlaps and Dan visited the seniors. Dan answered questions about the proposed consolidation. The taxpayers will vote and decide the consolidation proposal.



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