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Irene Welch

Students from Mrs. Deegan’s fourth-grade Montana history class include: Savannah Brottem as Marcus Daly, Elynn Aminkeng as Martha Edgerton, Ali Erickson as Alice Greenough, Lauren Deegan as William Clark, Ciel Gayle as Meriwether Lewis, Josh Nachtigal as Evil Knievel, Ashton  Nachtigal  as General Custer, Cooper Wichman as Chief Joseph, Devon Knerr as Charles M. Russell, and Tim Ridgeway as Henry Plummer. 

Photo courtesy of Irene Welch

Students from Mrs. Gayle’s fifth-grade U.S. History class include: Wyatt Korst as Abraham Lincoln, Kale O”Halloran as George Washington, T.J. Hickey as Jackie Robinson, Elisea Farrar as Nikola Tesla, Sawyer Campbell as Thomas Edison, Jadyn Frank as Queen Elizabeth, Levi Stevenson as Benjamin Franklin, Rebekkah Dillman as Harriet Tubman, and Marcus Rennix as Albert Einstein.

Photo courtesy of Irene Welch

Mrs. Deegan’s fourth-grade Montana history class, and Mrs. Gayle’s fifth grade U.S. history class, stopped by the Senior Center on Monday, Nov. 20 to give reports about different historic persons who  had made significant impacts during their lifetime.  

Each student wore a costume depicting what that person might have worn. They read a short description of that person’s life, and called their presentations “A Night at the Wax Museum.”  It was educational and entertaining for the seniors during their lunch hour.  



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