How far have we come?

Dear Editor,

We are living in the year 2017. How far have we come? How much have we progressed? Are we better off than 100 years ago?

One hundred years ago a revolution was beginning in Russia. Churches were destroyed and religious freedom was being taken away. One of the main themes promoting the revolution was hatred of the rich. Many were killed for their religious beliefs and properties confiscated. Farms were taken from individual property owners and given to the state.

In another country, a message of repentance was being spread; a message to follow God and his commandments and to pray for the sake of one’s eternal salvation. The message in this second country was to believe in, to adore, to hope in and to love God. People were encouraged to pray to God.

How far have we come? Which way are we headed? Do we believe in the God in heaven or do we become our own “gods,” deciding what is best for ourselves and the world?

More people have been killed violently in the last century than all the centuries of the past 2,000 years.

Have far have we come?

Pat Irish




When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?