How valuable is your vote?

Dear Editor,

If an election were a football game, cheering for your team and winning is everything. Winning gets you a shiny new trophy and bragging rights, but will it improve your life?

How valuable is your vote? What if your vote can support the health and well-being of your family and friends? What if your vote will provide education and employment opportunities for your children and grandchildren? What if your vote gives you peace of mind should illness or injury change your life? What if your vote can insure emergency services are available in a time of crisis? What if your vote will protect your hunting and fishing opportunities? What if your vote will make a difference?

Some people think of government in Us/Them terms, as if government is an external force to be challenged and guarded against. When government appears as a “them,” it is often referenced as imposing rules and restrictions: law and order.

Maybe viewing government “laws and orders” as social agreements could be helpful. Making agreements help a lot of people live together peacefully by establishing boundaries of behavior that support and protect all parties.

As example: we have made social agreements regarding motorized travel. There are many vehicles, being driven by many people, to many different destinations. With safety and speed of flow, we have made “agreements” that are the same for everybody choosing to travel. Our “agreements” are visible as stop-lights, turn lanes, stop signs, yield signs, speed limits, colored parking curbs, etc. All of these, “laws and orders” are intended, and agreed upon, to benefit everyone.

This election is about more than playing a “party-affiliated” football game. Please value your vote enough to participate in choosing “who” will represent your best interests in forming agreements to benefit all Montana citizens and our state.

Dryn Durley




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