Hunter bonus points now available

Starting July 3, hunters who did not apply for bonus points during this year’s big game drawings or who are new to hunting, can now purchase a bonus point until Sept. 30 to help in next year’s drawing.

This new feature at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks was set up by House Bill 623, introduced by Rep. Kerry White during the 2017 Legislature, and allows anyone who missed applying for bonus points to still participate in the program by purchasing a bonus point for the drawings.

The legislation also ensured any bonus points accumulated will not expire, allowing hunters the ability to plan better and still be competitive in the bonus point program. It does not provide additional opportunity to gain bonus points because you cannot apply for and purchase bonus points in the same year.

In Montana, every hunter who applies for a special license through a big game drawing can participate in the bonus point system for an extra fee. Bonus points essentially allow more opportunities to get licenses through the drawing.

The fee to purchase a bonus point without applying for a license is $15 per species for residents and the nonresident fee is $25 per species except for moose, sheep, and goat which are $75 per species. Hunters can purchase bonus points for species they have not yet applied for. For instance, if you’ve never applied for a moose license, you can purchase a moose bonus point.

To purchase bonus points, go to, Buy a license or to any license provider.



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