Hypocrisy abounds in congressional election

Dear Editor,

The hypocrisy of the Democrat party attacking Pennsylvania-raised Greg Gianforte as a “New Jersey millionaire…” is not only a total lie (I heard he left a great-paying engineering job to fulfill his dream of living in Montana with a wife, $5,000 and no job), but also ignores the list of Democrat party operatives who have moved to Montana from out of state.

The Democrat “hatchet-man” from the East Coast, Jon Modl, comes immediately to mind. Modl arrived in Montana 20 years ago as the left-leaning Common Cause attorney and was appointed by former Governor Schweitzer as the Political Practice Commissioner to effectively harass Republican political candidates.

Another out-of-state Democrat political operative is legislator Ellie Hill-Smith who moved to Missoula as a political activist for the 2008 election and was then elected to the State Legislature as a leader of the Democrat caucus.

Most recently there is Rep. Jenny Eck from Virginia (educated at the exclusive Smith College for women in Massachusetts) who is the current Democratic leader in the Montana Legislature. Ms. Eck was hired on Governor Bullock’s staff when he was Attorney General to provide taxpayer-financed employment for political operatives recruited from out-of-state by the Democrat Party. Ms. Eck currently works for “Carol’s List” – the political operation founded by Carol Williams (wife of former Congressman Pat Williams) that recruits liberal women to run for political offices.

Contrast these examples of out-of-state Democrat “carpet-baggers,” who provided no economic growth or jobs, with Pennsylvanian Greg Gianforte who came to Montana 20 years ago with a wife and no money to build a million-dollar Montana business providing high-paying jobs. Gianforte is no “out-of-state millionaire,” but a self-made Montana millionaire.

Sen. Ed Butcher (retired)




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