The implications are looking sinister

Dear Editor,

Ok, I’m awake.

I am past wondering why the liberal (Demoncrats) and conservative (Republicans In Name Only) all look alike when the political process arrives at a conclusion. The answer is power. The results end up in what is good for the politician and not what they were sent to Washington for, and that was what is best for the country.

Our news media, the one given the right to dig up the dirt on all political entities, has become a tool for the very system they were to monitor. The “Watchdog” of the republic has become the lap dog of government.

As I lay sleeping (otherwise known as trying to make ends meet), my government and the media has cast me as a “white privileged misogynic male,” a “racist,” a “homophobe,” “xenophobe,” a “bigot,” – oh, and let us not leave out, “hater.” Regardless of my positions on anything, just by my skin color, and gender, I am all of the above and more. But the system expects me to welcome all those who truly are all those things that I abhor. 

The government that fought all those long years ago to keep “United” in the United States of America is now sowing division on all levels of the human condition, race, wealth, position, jobs, gender, and thought. I believe this division process is by design. The old saying about “how to boil a frog to death” fits this division process to a “T.” If you were to put a frog in boiling water, he will jump out instantly; but take advantage of the frog’s ability to accommodate slight temperature changes, just put the frog in the cool water and gradually turn up the heat; eventually the frog’s accommodation becomes the process used to kill him. 

It looks like the media and such should have been telling the frog at the beginning that the water he is in is actually in a pot, and that pot is on a stove, and the implications are looking sinister. But I now see that it is not only the government that wants frog for dinner, but media is already at the table with a knife in one hand and a fork in another, being oh so pleased that they were included at table.

 I also know why my dad told me he was happy that he was going to be dead before the country he knew descended into chaos.

Bill Phillips




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