Incident sets bad example for young athletes

Dear Editor, This past weekend I attended the Northern Class A American Legion baseball tournament. I was very pleased to see such a great crowd to watch these young men. A lot of great baseball was played by the players and seen by the fans. Having lived in Lewistown I watched the Lewistown Redbirds play their final game of the tournament, and with great shock and disappointment witnessed a disrespectful action by the young man playing outfield. I was in disbelief when a ball was hit over his head; he got the ball into the infield, then turned around and kicked his baseball mitt over the back fence. This action caused him to have to run all the way to the dugout and retrieve another mitt. At that point I was appalled the game had to wait to be resumed for him to return to the field when the young man should have never been allowed back on the field after showing such disrespect for the game and his team. Young athletes witnessed this un- sportsman like conduct and the lack of repercussions from the coach. This sets a terrible example. Shame on you. Anne Marie Liddle Great Falls



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