Invest in your community: be neighborly

Dear Editor,

I wish to issue a challenge to the residents of Lewistown and beyond: to know your neighbors. To become a neighborhood. Have get-togethers, barbecues, chats, et cetera.

My husband Joe and I moved from the Bozeman-Belgrade area that was our home since elementary school. We watched as our neighbors moved or sold out so no one knew each other. We swore, when we moved here nine years ago, that we would know our neighbors and socialize with them over dinner, or just on the porch enjoying a casual chat. We have spearheaded a backyard block dinner every year since 2011.

Someone may need to take the lead like we did, but it can – and will – lead to fun, safety and a sense of community. You can start with a meet-and-greet for new neighbors, drinks and dessert on the front porch, a picnic (and games for kids), a block-long garage sale (a great way to clear clutter, make some cash and create friendships) or just help each other with a project or two.

This has continued through the holidays year after year. It’s an investment in your neighbors, neighborhood and your community. So let’s get started.

Katie Johnson




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