Jacklynn Barber gives Girls State speech in Judith Gap

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, Jacklynn Barber gave her Girls State speech for the Unit 76 at the Judith Gap American Legion Hall. Each year the Legion selects a Boys State delegate and a Girls State delegate from the junior class. Last year Barber was selected as the Girls State delegate, and for a week in June she lived at Carroll College in Helena.

Due small school size, they teamed up with Hobson and Moore for choosing delegates. As a result, both Boys Staters were from Moore, Tim Horan and Brandon Bergum.

Boys and Girls State is a government-based learning experience paid for by the Legion.

“Going to Girls State was one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Barber. “My grandpa even attended Boys State when he was in high school. It was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend. Which is one of the good points of having a speech after, because it gave me a chance to say thank you and inform this year’s junior girls of what it is and why they should attend.”

Barber added, “I am grateful to everybody who has supported me in this journey. I’m extremely excited that Judith Gap actually has two Girls State delegates lined up for next year – Sierra Stahl and Savannah Truesdale. It is a sad thing to see how much the numbers have dropped in participants for Girls State. I am also excited at the chance to be a counselor at future Girls State events.”


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