Judith Basin County needs better road work

Dear Editor,

Judith Basin County, when doing road construction, throws gravel in the ditch and leaves dirt on the road. The County grades roads people hardly ever use, and waits until it dries out for main roads and by my house, when they should have left it alone. But they threw all the gravel in the ditch to cover the grass that cows can eat. The gravel should stay on the road, and they should grade roads when there is some rain.

It’s a poorly done job, and they wonder what happens with gravel when it’s all in the ditch and not on the road. Additionally, the gravel on the edge of road and in the ditch can cause accidents because it makes the shoulder too soft.

The County puts poor, mud-like gravel on roads and it gets very slippery when wet and soft. They should only grade bad spots, since they are short-handed or do not have money or time; not grade roads that are hardly used and are not that bad.

This type of road construction lacks common sense.

Edwin E. Wilber




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