Judith Gap School gearing up for holiday concert

Charlie Denison

Judith Gap music director John Steinhardt welcomes Fergus County residents of all ages and of all musical interests to a Merry “White Stripes” Christmas Concert this Wednesday afternoon at Judith Gap School.

This is no typical elementary school to high school show, Steinhardt said.

“We’re doing some holiday music, but we’re also going to explore a wide range, from Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock ‘n Roll Part 2’ to Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.”

They are also doing everything from a hillbilly hoedown to J.S. Bach.

“It’s not just a standard school concert,” Steinhardt said. “You’ll hear kids playing with passion; you’ll hear them playing to a higher ability.”

Students will be taking the music “one step further,” Steinhardt said, by “playing with feeling.”

The show will consist of a variety of ages, as most of the music will be comprised by the combined high school and middle school band of 13 students: three trumpets, one trombone, one baritone, one clarinet, one tenor sax, three lead singers, one bass guitar, one keyboard, one drummer.

Grades 3-5 will also perform, and the evening will start out with pre-school to kindergarten children singing some songs.

“The little kids will kick off the show,” Steinhardt said.

There will also be a few soloists throughout the evening.

“We’ll have a second grader do a piano solo, guitar and violin solos, vocal solos and a I’ll be backing up a senior who wrote an original rock/pop song. I helped her with some of the arrangements. We’ll be doing the song as a combo.”

Merry “White Stripes” Christmas is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15.



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