Judith Gap senior has big business plans

News-Argus Staff

Jayden is a young woman who knows exactly what she wants her future to hold.

 Photo courtesy of Jayden Diener 


Eighteen-year-old Judith Gap senior Jayden Diener is a confident, talkative young woman who knows exactly what she wants for her future, and how she is going to get it.

Jayden lives in Garneill with her grandparents, Bob and Becky Tidwell. She moved here from Monroe, Washington (close to Everett, Washington.)  There was a bit of a culture shock, but she enjoys this area and has a soft spot in her heart for her grandmother, Becky, whom she considers to be her mentor. 

Jayden has been journaling for the past four or five years, and has included her conversations with Becky. Jayden loves to write, finding it to be therapeutic and helpful for processing what happens in her life. 

Art is another one of Jayden’s passions. She draws and paints in watercolors and acrylic -- in which she is self-taught. Jayden is taking art appreciation as one of her online classes this year, along with digital photography and U.S. government. Her regular school classes include AP English and physics. Jayden said she is glad she is almost done with school, although she considers it one of her favorite things. But moving on in her adult life excites her. 

Jayden’s plans for post-high school are all figured out. She was a barista in Washington during her school years there, and is planning on building a coffee kiosk in Garneill with the help of her grandfather Bob, who is a carpenter. The kiosk will be called “Elevated Coffee,” as it will be built right next to the elevators just off the highway. Appealing to the travelers is Jayden’s main plan of business. Learning and growing with her business are her goals, and she has a good solid plan to accomplish this.

Old rock and roll from the 70s is Jayden’s music of choice. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin are a few of her favorites. (I knew I liked this girl.)

When I asked her whom she would like to talk to if she was sitting on a bench in a secluded spot and could speak with anyone, Jayden hesitated. Then with tears in her eyes, she told me she’d pick her friend Taylor Mackey from Washington. Jayden lived with Taylor and her family for a time, and feels like they were soul sisters and best friends. Jayden said she could tell Taylor anything and Taylor would understand. Friends like that are a blessing.


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