Judith Gap senior headed toward career in agriculture

News-Argus Staff

Reilly Allik has her sights set on MSU for a college degree in either livestock nutrition or teaching agriculture.


Photo courtesy of Reilly Allik







Reilly Allik, a 17-year-old senior at Judith Gap School is a confident, well-spoken advocate for agriculture and all that goes along with it. She has been the local FFA chapter president for the past two years and I observed her helping a younger student with an agriculturally related process, because of the position she holds as the ag ed teacher’s aide.

Shop has been on Reilly’s list of accomplishments for all four of her high school years with the focus being ag related. Reilly also took welding for a semester and has been earning money outside of school applying what she learned. Agronomy and mechanics were also included as shop classes. AP statistics and AP economics are two of the classes being taken by this ambitious senior. AP means adult placement or college degree courses. If she passes these classes she’ll receive college credits. 

Volleyball is something Reilly has participated in for three years. When I asked her how she felt about the season that just ended, she said, “We made it to divisionals, it was okay.” 

Reilly’s aspirations for FFA include preparing herself to run for the state president position for her last year in high school. She is in the process of fulfilling the requirements needed to successfully run.

Judith Gap has been Reilly’s home since she started school all those years ago and she appreciates the school system and all the opportunities and learning she has received. Her future plans include attending MSU at Bozeman, and pursuing either a career as a livestock nutritionist or an ag teacher. Central Montana is where she wants to spend her life after her education.

Any outdoor activity is Reilly’s fun. Whether it’s working, camping, hiking, fishing or just exploring, if she’s outdoors, she’s happy.

The “Shawshank Redemption” by Stephen King is her current read. One of Reilly’s favorite books is “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls.  She favors autobiography to fiction.

When asked if she could spend an hour on a secluded bench with anyone past, present, future, mythical or real, whom it would be, Reilly chose Napoleon Bonaparte.  Reilly said she is fascinated by what made him such a leader of men and how he motivated people.  


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