Judith Gap student has varied interests

News-Argus Staff

Judith Gap eighth-grader Jenessa Truesdale enjoys being an FFA member, in addition to her English classes and cooking hobby. 

Photos courtesy of Annette Hart



Jenessa Truesdale is 14 and in the 8th grade at Judith Gap School. She is a quiet young lady, with long, brown hair and freckles. Judith Gap has been her home for two and a half years and this is her second year in school. Janessa has four siblings at home and she is the second eldest. 

Before Janessa and her family moved to Judith Gap, she lived and went to school in Nevada.

When I asked Janessa what her favorite class was, she didn’t hesitate and replied “Health.” Mental health is her particular interest as she is learning about depression and what goes along with it. Mr. Roath teaches health.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Briggs, who teaches English. Janessa also likes English as well. I asked her if she read quite a bit, and she replied she did. Her two genres of choice are romance and scary stories. Stephen King’s novel “It” is her current choice for favorite. Janessa also enjoys fan fiction. I had to look up the definition of fan fiction as I had heard of it, but wasn’t sure. Merriam Webster defines fan fiction as: stories involving popular fictional characters written by fans and often posted on the Internet. These characters can be from TV, movies, books, etc.  All in all it sounded like an interesting subject and I suppose it would definitely inspire cultivation of imagination. Mr. Briggs has assigned the students in Janessa’s class to read “The Hobbit” by J.R. Tolkien in class together. How fun!

“Children of the Corn,” is Janessa’s favorite movie. It is a horror/scary movie correlating with her choice of book subjects.

Janessa likes to cook, with pizza being her best dish. Her crust is made by hand and pepperoni is her favorite kind. Pasta/spaghetti is also a dish she enjoys cooking.

Why Don’t We, a band from California, plays pop music and Janessa listens to them on iTunes. Daniel Seavy is from Los Angeles and a member of the band. She likes him, a lot. 

Christmas is the best season for Janessa, although she doesn’t like snow at all.

Nursing is Janessa’s chosen field at this point in her life, because she told me she wants to help people.

When I asked her what advice she would give to her younger siblings, she replied, “don’t judge people, because it can be hurtful.” Good advice. Thanks Janessa.


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