Judith Theatre to showcase Montana independent film


Josh Wiggins, left, and Matt Borner star in “Walking Out,” an independent film made in Montana by Montanans. The film opens Friday at the Judith Theatre.

Photo by Charlie Denison

This Friday, Oct. 20, the Judith Theatre will take part in a “premiere tour” for “Walking Out,” a Montana-made independent film making its debut this month around the state.

Theaters in Bozeman, Livingston, Helena, Deer Lodge and Missoula are also playing this feature, which is directed by Montana brothers Alex and Andrew Smith (“The Slaughter Rule,” “Winter in the Blood”).

Judith Theatre owner Becky Dupuis of Polson said she is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this film to Lewistown.

“As a small independent movie theatre owner in small communities we don’t get the opportunity to play many independent films,” Dupuis said, “and ‘Walking Out’ is not just a great independent film, but it’s one about our state, written by a Montanan (David Quammen) and filmed in Montana by Montana filmmakers.”

Filmed around Bozeman and Livingston, “Walking Out” tells the story of an estranged father (Matt Bomer, “Magic Mike”) and son (Josh Wiggins, “Hellion”) who try to survive a big game hunting journey that takes a brutal turn for the worse. It also stars Bill Pullman (“Independence Day,” “Sleepless in Seattle”) and Lily Gladstone (“Jimmy P.”).

Those interested are encouraged to come to a screening. It will be playing all week.

“And if does well, we’ll keep it for two weeks,” Dupuis said.

For more information on the film, go to the “Walking Out” Facebook page.


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