Junk science includes climate change

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

We have had climate change since time began. In the 1600s, people were beheaded because they didn’t believe the sun revolved around the earth. The scientists promoted that theory back then. It seems the agenda keeps moving along.

We not only have fake news, we have junk science. All the bad things that were supposed to have happened seem to never come about: Like the oceans were going to flood the coastal cities. CO 2 is the culprit now, as it is considered a pollutant. It is at 400 ppm in our atmosphere now, which the junk scientists claim is going to cause major problems, when the real scientists know that in the history of this planet it has been much higher (like 2,000 ppm). Somebody forgot about how the growing plants use CO 2 to grow to produce air for us to breathe. I call it the “simple signs for simple minds.” Besides, if it is happening, what can we do about it? Just go to any city and count the vehicles burning that terrible oil.

If we had used all the billions of dollars spent to study global warming (now climate change), many of the diseases probably would not exist anymore. You probably didn’t know, and the junk scientists won’t tell you, but all the volcanoes and forest fires have released more greenhouse gases than mankind since we inhabited this planet.

Earl Bricker




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