Just enforce legal immigration laws

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Your View

Dear Editor,

Today it is unfortunate that many of the American public will rely for their information from hateful and biased news reporters and Hollywood pundits for the situation of illegal children allowed into America. It would be best if they would take the time to review the inaction of former presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama, and the inept, do-nothing Congress, who failed their responsibilities.

I resent being called an evil person because I believe that America is a sovereign nation, and we have the right to prevent anyone to enter our borders.

What is really sickening is that we have American citizens who are stupid enough to actually believe that once an illegal enters America, they have our Constitutional rights.

The word evil has many definitions and can be used to express many different views within a sentence. The truly evil people are those who project America as an evil country to the world, when all the rank and file citizens in America just want our incompetent Congress and leaders to enforce legal immigration laws.

G.I. Stallknecht




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