Keep Ackley Lake a state park

Dear Editor,
To the Montana State Parks and Recreation Board: The Utica Rod and Gun Club, with a membership of 50 plus, supports the continuation of the current status of Ackley Lake as a State Park.
In addition, our club members are very concerned with, and take exception to, the current classification (Class 4) for Ackley Lake State Park as stated in your recently developed Strategic Plan. Ackley Lake State Park is very significant and relevant to our area.
We believe if the public lost the use of the facilities at Ackley Lake State Park, along with the opportunity for an invaluable multifaceted experience in the outdoors, our local community would be negatively impacted in many ways.
Ackley Lake State Park provides positive social and recreational opportunities, as well as supporting our local communities economically.
Ackley Lake State Park allows motorized use, which provides multiple uses by the public. It has an enhanced fisheries program and supports the public with an opportunity to enjoy year round recreation use.
Dropping the “State Park” status for Ackley Lake would be a great social and recreational loss, as well as a great loss to the economics of the community.
If the decision is made to remove Ackley Lake from State Parks status, a Fishing Access Site designation could be an acceptable alternative providing the existing facilities could be used on a year round basis.
Thank you for your consideration and for the opportunity to comment.
Tom Swanz
President, Utica Rod and Gun Club



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