Keep the ag building ‘as is’

Dear Editor,

The County Commission is working to move the Extension Office to the ag building at the fairgrounds and is looking for comments. We use the ag building every year at the fair to put our floral designs together and enter our fruits and vegetables. The ag building is set up perfectly for this. It is cool and comfortable. Hundreds of people come in during the fair to get out of the heat and enjoy the cool. Here are a few reasons we want to keep the ag building for what it was designed for:

• The County Extension Office is happy where they are and don’t want to move.

• It is a county fairgrounds, not an office building. Keep it for fair events.

• Emma Light started a fundraiser years ago when they wanted to tear it down. Thousands of dollars were raised to renovate it and put in new restrooms. There was also money donated in memory of those who passed; now one commissioner wants to take it away from all of us.

• Moving the floral and horticulture exhibits to the Trade Center would be a joke. It is too warm in there. The flowers, fruits and vegetable exhibits wouldn’t last more than one day. Lots of time, energy and expense goes into making a nice exhibit for everyone.

Please re-think this issue.

Ramona Chamberlain

Kay LaFountain




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