Keeping Lewistown clean a community responsibility

Dear Editor,

I’d like to complain to someone about something. I’ve noticed lately, as an avid bicyclist, I see most of the town on any given day, and sometimes on a nice evening, too. I sure see a lot of broken glass in places; in others, quite a trash pile blown by the wind.

When people walk by and comment about it, why? I ask, don’t we do something about it? I usually get the same dumb look and answer: It ain’t mine

Even I could have told you all that. With as many people who don’t smoke, compared to those of us who do; imagine if you will, who picks up most of those ciggy butts around town? Or should one just let the wind take its course?

With all these high-fallutin’ people concerned about Lewistown’s wellbeing, I would like to think that setting a good example is better than to complain about things a person won’t do anything about anyhow.

Richard Harper




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