Kindergarten students share views of life

By Fiona Rice and Kalla Schumacher 

Special to the News-Argus


  Winifred Kindergarteners have energetic and outgoing personalities. What’s it like to be in their minds? The kindergarteners don’t think animals can talk. They believe animals only make sounds.

Both Morgan and Lane think that high schoolers only work and have no recess. Hailey thinks that high schoolers do nothing all day.

In the kindergartener’s minds, love means to care about someone. Lane loves tag, while Morgan loves a game where someone drives a car and picks up people. Both Lane and Morgan think people can’t live in clouds. Hailey, however, thinks people can. Morgan loves large giraffes, and Lane loves fluffy sheep.

Lane has a perspective that older people are scary, while Morgan doesn’t.

They like their first year of school. Their favorite activities include recess, lunch and math.



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