Know your license or permit code and regulations

Though Montana’s big game general season is more than halfway complete, some of the hunting license types can still be confusing. In Montana, most licenses and all permits, no matter the species, have a five-digit code. These codes are unique for each license or permit type and determine the species, dates, hunting districts and weapon the license or permit is valid for, as defined by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks hunting regulations. Not thoroughly understanding which license or permit you’ve purchased or applied for can lead to inadvertently breaking the law. Remember, a permit must be paired with a general license in order to be valid. For instance, the LPT 798-21 is an either-sex elk permit in HD 700. It is an archery equipment-only permit valid from Sept. 3 through Oct. 16. This permit should not be confused with 798-20, which is also an either-sex elk permit valid in HD 700, but this permit is valid for both archery and general seasons - Sept. 3 to Oct. 16 and Oct. 22 - Nov. 27. The best solution for hunters is to make sure they know what five-digit code is on their license or permit and are familiar with the regulations for that LPT. As always, familiarity with the regulations is the best solution to understanding how to legally hunt in Montana. Anyone with questions about his or her license or permit can call any of the FWP regional offices.



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