Lance Reesor opens physical therapy practice

Charlie Denison

Lance Reesor has opened his own business on Wunderlin Street: Bighorn Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. His first day was Monday. His hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Photo by Charlie Denison


On Monday, Lewistown native Lance Reesor accomplished a goal years in the making: he started his own practice.

Bighorn Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, P.C., located in the Wunderlin Street mini-mall on the west side of town, is now open for business.

In the office, Lance has a variety of general strength and endurance equipment used specifically for upper body strengthening and post-surgical purposes. This includes parallel bars to help those struggling with balance.

At Bighorn, Lance is open to help those of all ages and can assist in a variety of ways, including dry needling.

“Dry needling is another way to get directly to the muscle and actually reset it and get some of the tension out of there,” Lance said. “Once you take that tension out of there, it takes the pressure off the tendon or inflamed structure and causes it to calm down a lot.”

During his time as a physical therapist in Havre, Great Falls and Lewistown, Lance said what he’s seen the most is shoulder, knee and back issues, and he’s up to the task to help those with such ailments.

A Fergus High School graduate who received his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana, Lance is glad to be home, where he’s worked at Central Montana Medical Center the last six years. He had his last day on Friday and has jumped right to his next job, where, for the first time, he is his own boss.

“I’ve been working for someone else for 15 years,” Lance said, “and I’m ready to start something new. I know it’s a risk, but nothing good comes without a risk.”

Lance was beyond ready to take this risk; he’s been dreaming of it since college.

“I did a presentation in college about starting my own physical therapy practice,” he said, “and I’ve been really working toward it. I feel now is a good time. The field is as strong as its ever been. People are really seeing the benefits of physical therapy.”

Although this has been a dream of Lance’s since his early college days, the original inspiration really came as a surprise.

“I blew my knee out freshman year of college,” he said. “I had to do a ton of physical therapy, and I actually liked it. I decided then that this was the career path I wanted to take.”

Wanting to help the community, Lance said he accepts all insurances and will even offer free injury screens for athletes in Lewistown and the surrounding areas.

“As a former athlete at Fergus, I know sports are a huge deal here,” he said, “and I want to give back. I’ll also offer free pre-surgery consultation to help people know what to expect before or after surgery to see if they can improve their outcome. Maybe I can give them some exercises to help.”

Monday through Thursday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Lance is available, offering outpatient physical therapy and assistance on any kind of strain or sprain.

“I hope people come and want to keep coming back,” he said. “I hope for a high customer satisfaction rating.”

Lance is optimistic. As the only therapist working at Bighorn, he can make sure every client who comes to him gets the attention they need and that their therapist knows their history. They don’t have to explain their story more than once.

This endeavor is kind of surreal for Lance. Although he’d wanted to have his own business, he’s now a Lewistown business owner just like his father, Steve, who owned a pharmacy downtown. Although they are in different fields, Lance did learn a thing or two from his father. Most importantly, his dad has taught him quality drives business and it’s Lance’s goal to offer quality service.

“My main goal is to have steady cash flow and progress the business gradually,” Lance said. “I’d like to provide different programs for individuals and athletes. I want to be a well-established business here in town that people trust and want to come to if they have an ache or a pain. I want to be the first choice for someone who has to have physical therapy.”




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