Let’s call it a “comeback”

Dear Editor,
I believe Barack and Hillary are square on the side of and supporting the lawbreaking, sometimes murdering, Black Lives Matter people. And I know they are on the side of the non-working, sometimes pretty lazy, welfare folk. I can tell they are on the side of all the illegal aliens that they call “undocumented citizens.” They sure don’t want any walls built. I see them back up the Syrian and other possible terrorist refugees (I hear Hillary wants 500 percent more of them.) Our governor is bringing them in, too. I even see them stand up for cop killers.
Every time a terrorist strikes they tell us not to be too judgmental. They must be on the side of the Muslim anti-Americans that used to be foreign but now are moving here. I know they are all on these peoples’ side, but what I have to wonder is if they are on my side? You know, the everyday, normal, non-Black, non-Hispanic, American citizen that has been born here, worked all my life and some of us even defended this country at war or at least had family members that did. I just am not feeling the love (or support for that matter.)
Something really stinks, and so does all of what I see as Hillary’s lying and corruption. I sure hope America can make a comeback. It was the greatest country ever made. To coin a phrase, “Let’s make America great again.”
Norm Coleman



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