Let us know when you have a ‘public’ meeting

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Your View

Dear Editor,

Congressman Gianforte really missed the mark. A few weeks ago on Aug. 15, he held an invitation-only meeting in Lewistown to discuss his ill-sighted Wilderness Study Area legislation – two bills that would unilaterally remove important protections from nearly 800,000 acres of Montana’s wildest public lands – and billed the meeting as a “public meeting.”

Congressman Gianforte didn’t hold one single public meeting before introducing his bills, and hasn’t held one since. This invite-only meeting in Lewistown was open for the public to attend, but not ask questions or give feedback. Furthermore, this meeting wasn’t publicized or announced it would be open for public attendance until the night before.

Congressman Gianforte, you owe the people of Montana more. You owe us fair, open, and honest public meetings that are properly advertised and encourage meaningful feedback on these bills that could determine the future of some of our last best places. Please, let me know when you will be meeting with your constituents on the WSA issue, and I’ll be there.

Linda Healow




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