Letter to the Editor

Let the President do his job


Dear Editor,

What in the world is wrong with all these liberal Democrats these days? They just seem so unhappy, hateful, and bound and determined to fight our president, even if it means ruining the country. The liberal DNC news outlets keep aiding and abetting them. Don’t they know he has an all-important job of keeping us all safe, including them? 

They’ve been accusing him of collusion with the Russians for months when there is no evidence of such. It was Hillary and her crew that colluded with the Russians and sold them 20 percent of our uranium, which they can now use for making nuclear bombs. The Clinton’s Foundation took in way over $100 million from Russia. Now that is blatantly treasonous collusion and corruption.

I believe it was democratic Attorney General Lorretta Lynch who met with former president Bill Clinton in a private airplane while he and his wife were under investigation. That’s collusion. It was also Lynch that told FBI Director James Comey to call Hillary Clinton’s investigation a “matter” to help cover for her. That is collusion. It was former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile who gave Hillary Clinton questions to be asked at town hall meetings. More collusion. And on and on it goes.

It’s the age-old Democratic party liberal trick of accusing their opponent of exactly what they are guilty of. These Democrat liberals just keep crying, moaning, rioting and carrying on when they legitimately lose an election, and they don’t get their way. Why can’t they admit they have a terrible, unworthy and conniving candidate in Hillary Clinton? She should be let nowhere near the White House as she will probably steal the plates and silverware again.

I would go so far as to use the B-word to describe Hillary: That’s right, she is a bigot. Remember when she said that the half of America that voted for Donald Trump were nothing but a basket of deplorables? That’s snobbery and bigotry against hard-working, country-loving American citizens. Hillary and the liberals lost. Get over it. Let our president, Donald Trump, do his job. He just wants to protect us and make America great again. What say we give that a whirl.

Norm Coleman




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