Letter to the Editor - Biased media coverage of president hurts the country



Dear Editor,

What has happened to our mainline news companies? Over 90 percent of the coverage on President Trump is negative. Ninety percent! That is four times the negative coverage on President Obama. According to Pew Research, President Trump only gets 5 percent positive.

Don’t they know by running down this president, they are running down our country all over the world? Do you realize we are at record highs in the stock market, and record lows in unemployment for blacks, whites and Hispanics? This is amazing, and you hear very little about it on the regular news outlets because they don’t want to give President Trump credit for doing great job on the economy, or anything else.

The President got a very thorough physical this week. They released the most information I have ever seen in 65 years of watching politics. He turns out to be extremely healthy. Most Americans his age would love that report. He even requested a cognitive test to show his mental agility – a very thorough, tougher-than-most test. He scored 100 percent, a perfect score.

After the examination results were released, the questions from the fake news media were prejudiced to the point of being embarrassing. They asked the doctor if he was mentally fit. The doctor, who was an admiral and had been the doctor for presidents Obama and George W. Bush also, said that President Trump is very “with it,” not only from the check-up, but also from seeing him every day for a year. 

The reporters just kept questioning his mental fitness, asked the doctor what he would do to kick him out, questioned President Trump’s reported height, and on and on. Some people are unfit for their service, and I would say it is these corrupt, prejudiced reporters. They even asked if he had dentures.

The stock market is breaking new highs at 26,000. Unemployment is at record lows. Imagine how good for the country it could be if we had 90 percent positive news reported on President Trump and this country. Please, President Trump, keep going to “Make America Great Again.” I am proud of you the way you keep fighting back no matter what the Fake News Media makes up.

Norm Coleman




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