Letter to the Editor - Bring sides together so everyone wins




Dear Editor,

First, I would like to thank everyone in the community for voting. During this race I have been pretty quiet in responding to all that has been said in the paper and on Facebook. It has been clear from the articles, and comments people have made, that a line has been created between the candidates.

All of us candidates have one thing in common: “We love Lewistown.” That is why we are running.

So why this line? Why this divide?

Each one of us candidates brings something to the table. I have been put on a side based on the people who openly supported me. I don’t believe I’m on a side, unless you consider wanting what is best for Lewistown a side. We cannot have this divide if we want Lewistown to be successful, flourish, and attract new business and people.

Regardless of who wins their race and becomes commissioner, we cannot have a divided commission to run the city. If that happens no one will be a winner, especially the town and the residents in it. I have been called a radical, which I am not. It has been said the Republican Party has endorsed me; this is not true. Not once did the chairman of the Fergus County Republican Committee come to me and say they wanted to endorse me. Things like this that have been said about the candidates have made them look like they are on one side or the other.

“Leadership is more than just choosing sides; it’s bringing sides together.” – Jesse Jackson. Commissioners are leaders and they should be bringing the town together and doing what’s best for it, no matter what. 

Alexzandra Dunnington




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