Letter to the Editor - Budget cuts place most vulnerable at risk


Dear Editor, 

Due to budget shortfalls, Montana’s governor and state agencies have proposed cuts that would significantly impact health and human services.

An important service for people with mental illness or developmental disabilities, case management would be eliminated under these cuts. We believe this elimination would place thousands of Montana’s most vulnerable citizens at risk.

Case management promotes employment and stable housing; reduces health care costs, emergency room visits, and connects people with primary care; decreases need for government assistance by promoting independence and natural supports; reduces service redundancy; promotes participation in treatment; and helps people receive economically responsible support.

With removal of funding, we believe quality of life for those who need case management most will plummet. They’ll suffer effects of being forgotten participants in society. They’ll be at risk for costlier, higher levels of care in schools, hospitals, jails, correctional facilities and state institutions.

Without case management where will these people go? Montana institutions are overcrowded or shut down. Many have no families to care for them. More than likely, they’ll end up on the streets.

To help, we’re asking the public to contact their legislatures. Please urge them to decline the proposed budget that cuts case management for thousands of Montanans. 

Jaci Noonan, AWARE chief community care and treatment officer


Jake Henderson, AWARE service director






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