Letter to the Editor - Candidate’s lack of transparency is concerning




Dear Editor,

At a recent forum for city commission candidates, they were asked to state what they do for a living. Candidate Jonathan Moor answered that he is a retired Marine. He failed to answer that he works at the Bureau of Land Management and has for several years.

When the News-Argus ran an article about the two at-large candidates, Moor again only referred to his being a retired Marine. He emphasized the qualities that the Marines taught him. There was no mention of his current employer or how his civilian public service in government may be helpful or of value on the commission.

I find it odd that he has avoided any mention of working for the government. I am grateful for his military service, but I am perplexed by his obfuscation about his current job. What does it say about the job he does, the people with whom he works, the public he serves and about him?

Someone suggested to me that perhaps he was concerned about violating the Hatch Act. That act prevents government employees from holding partisan elective offices. The city commission is non-partisan. So he is not in violation. But if he thought he was in violation, simply hiding the fact of where he works would not exempt him from the law. So that is no excuse for trying to avoid the issue.

Although where he works is irrelevant to the office he seeks, I find this lack of transparency concerning. If he misleads voters on such a simple matter, what does that say about how he will function in office?

Clint Loomis, the other at-large candidate, answers questions candidly and forthright. He has been an active member of the Lewistown community for many years. He merits your vote.

Arlene Mari




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