Letter to the Editor - Candidate understands building toward a better community


Dear Editor,

To quote from the full-page ad in last Saturday’s News-Argus, “Let’s be proud…not negative.” The ad spotlighted 163 businesses and organizations serving our community and county, clearly demonstrating that we have a healthy economic environment.

Let’s build on what we already have and are doing right. We have businesses that are thriving, and last Monday, Fergus County Human Resources listed 136 available jobs in the Lewistown area. To help local businesses and to encourage new employees to move here, our city government and current commissioners are working to substantially increase available housing, while providing for an excellent quality of life in Lewistown.

As Commissioner at Large, Clint Loomis will build on what we are already doing right, and will strive to correct those areas about which people are voicing concerns. Clint understands that we must “embrace the positive” while building toward a better community.

Mary Frieze




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