Letter to the Editor - Combining tax dollars with community energy yields amazing accomplishments



Dear Editor,

Concerning the current emphasis on the taxation issue, allow me to reflect the past 50 years of accomplishments made by this community. These accomplishments have largely been achieved using donated time and money, with only a small amount of tax-dollar support. These accomplishments include: 1) The D’Autremont Softball Complex; 2) Central Montana hospital amenities and the Lewistown Library annex needs; 3) development of the Veterans’ Park; 4) add-ons to the new Fergus High School (bleachers and locker room on the north end of the gymnasium and additional seating added to the Performing Arts Center); 5) establishment of the Central Montana Foundation that now has assets in the millions; 6) establishment and founding of the Lewistown Art Center; 7) clean-up of the Berg property and removal of the garbage dumped into Spring Creek over many years; 8) the establishment of the Labyrinth Garden at the City Park; 9) development of the Trail system and ongoing additions; 10) the ice skating complex improvements and establishing a cooling system; 11) improvements at the Redbird park located at Symmes Park; 12) Fish Hatchery masonry cleanup; 13) benches and trees bordering the trails; 14) establishment of the skateboard park at Symmes Park; 15) swimming pool extensive update; 16) shooting range; 17) downtown improvement of the Judith Theatre, Reid’s building and the Brooks building; and 18) fairground improvements.

Perhaps there are others to be added to the list, but the message is clear: When we work together, accomplishments are possible.

City tax-dollars wisely combined with donated time and money provide the engine to fuel the community energy and passion that result in these amazing accomplishments. Please support the candidates who have the best interest of Lewistown’s future.

Vote for: Clint Loomis, City Commissioner at Large; Diane Oldenburg, City Commissioner; Elizabeth Putnam, City Commissioner; and Patty Turk, City Commissioner.

Lynn Morrison Gies




Lewistown currently has a population of about 6,000 people. What do you think is the ideal population level for Lewistown?