Letter to the Editor - Extend Christmas to those at grocery store



Dear Editor,

Thursday morning was busy and I was anxious to get home, but I had to go to the grocery store. I was dreading the extra time spent finding things, the narrow maneuvering and the chaos. My shopping did take a little longer, but helpful employees continually offered help finding things, and really, it wasn’t so bad.

Driving home, I was thinking that it must take a lot of planning to carry off a project like this, and even though I don’t know the particulars of what the remodelers are doing, there is progress every time I go in. Checkers are having to adjust to new things and employees are scurrying around to get things on shelves. My point is – even though there is inconvenience for us shoppers, it would be so much harder if the store was closed during remodeling and we had to drive to Billings or Great Falls.

Let’s extend a little Christmas spirit to the Albertsons’ hard-working folks, especially manager Bob Agostinelli. Hang in there and Merry Christmas.

Mary Messina




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